Monday, November 5, 2012

Balcony Garden - Week 9

It's been a little while since I posted a Balcony Garden update, so I thought I'd better get on it.

I've been occasionally munching away on Spinach or adding it to sandwiches. I'm also getting into the habit of occasionally grabbing some herbs while cooking. And most excitingly I've been eating some of the 'mystery pea's, which turned out to be a Snow Pea. I think I've had about 7 peas of the plant now, and there are still more appearing. They grow so quickly! From nothing being visible one day to a fully grown pea about 3 or 4 days later!

Anyway, in the spirit of keeping things varied, this week I thought I'd just showcase some of the photos I've taken. I've been taking photos of my balcony garden every Sunday and am trying to get some practice in with my new camera. Here are some of the closer up snaps I've taken...

Strawberries!!! (5th Nov)

Tomato Flowers (5th Nov)

Sage & 'Mystery Pea' aka Snow Pea (5th Nov)

Capsicum & Basil Seedlings (5th Nov)

Carrot Seedlings & Perpetual Spinach (5th Nov)

Mint & Thai Chilli (29th Oct)

Lime & Pea Flowers (21st Oct)

Rainbow Lorikeet having a snack on the gum tree nearby (20th Oct)

Mixed Lettuce Seedling & Lime Flowers (15th Oct)

Rosemary Flower (15th Oct)

I'm still loving tending my little garden, and watching it grow. I can't wait to start getting produce from my other plants!


  1. I like your garden pictures! What is the perpetual spinach? I saw gum trees that looked much the same in Italy, many years ago.

  2. It's looking great honey!!!!! Sam xox

  3. well done Rachel - looking really great! Is that my pea? :)

  4. Aww look at those cute little strawberries, they must be a different variety to mine, I be they'll be nice and sweet tasting.

    I haven't noticed any flowers on my tomatoes yet, I'm going to have a really close look when I get home ;)

  5. You're going to love picking those little cherry tomatos off the vine and then eating them straight away, while they are still warm! I love summer vege gardens :)


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