Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whole Wheat - Gauge Swatch

After finishing my Miette Cardigan I was so happy with it that I've decided to move onto another cardigan project. So, one day after work I took another trip to Morris & Sons and exchanged the two leftover balls of yarn from my Miette and bought some lovely merinogold yarn in pale blue, to make a Whole Wheat cardigan.

When I got home I bought the pattern online, and over the weekend started knitting a gauge swatch...

This gauge swatch really highlighted the difference before and after blocking. Above is before, below is after...

I'm happy with the gauge, and even happier with the texture of the pattern!

This cardigan uses very different techniques to the Miette that I've never tried before. It's knit as flat pieces that are seamed together at the end. The pattern is also written very differently - much less 'spelled out' than the Miette. Wish me luck with working out how to do it all!


  1. The texture is really beautiful and the colour too!

    My Nana used to knit a lot, she made cardigans for us girls (and matching ones for our dolls) and they were always flat pieces, I remember watching her hand-stitching them together with a length of wool for thread and a big blunt needle.

  2. Good luck and you'll be fine, um where can I put my order for a cardi for me??

  3. If your cardi turns out even a fraction as good as that swatch - it'll be gorgeous!


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