Monday, August 20, 2012

Melbourne Sewers Meetup - Such Fun!

(Photo shamelessly stolen from The Perfect Nose)

As I mentioned in my last post, the sewers meet-up on Saturday was stacks of fun! It was great to see some familiar faces, other familiar items of clothing, and meet lots of new people. We met up at Tessuti for some fabric shopping, and there was LOTS of gossiping going on while we were there, we kept having to remind ourselves to shop, only to end up chatting away again in the next section of fabric!

I wasn't intending to buy anything while I was there, but I fell in love with some striped jersey (that I can't find on their site), so bought a piece to make a t-shirt. I don't have a pic of the fabric, but you won't have to wait long to see the shirt, as I just finished making it!

After we'd all made our purchases at Tessuti we wandered over to Fed Square for some nibbles and drinks, and yes, lots more chatting! It's so nice to be in the company of like minded people, who don't look at you too strangely if you ask if you can stroke their skirt, examine their pocket or even try something on! I was having such a great time that I forgot to take any photos, but there are already some other recaps of the afternoon by Kat, Tj, Christy and Leith

Most of the attendees were bloggers, and incase you're interested, here's a little list (shamelessly stolen from Kat who kindly wrote it out):

Kat: All the whimsical things -
Robyn: Sew love red-
Rachel: Boo dog and me -
Rachel (me): My messings -
Kirsty: Rocket Sews -
Leith: Sew Brunswick -
Lara: Thornberry -
Melanie: PoppyKettle -
Helen: Funkbunnys kitchen garden -
Christy: Little Betty -
Rachel: The two windmills -
Sarah: Sewsquirrel -
Tj: The perfect nose -
Belle: Bella's Collectanea of Sewing -

You should check them out, coz there's some seriously talented ladies listed there!!

(If you were there and aren't on the above list please let me know so I can add you!)

Anyway, thanks for a fantastic afternoon everyone, and special thanks to Rachel for organising it!


  1. Look at all those happy faces. I love meet ups... It's so fun

  2. So many Aussie sewers all in one room! And look at all that winter clothing in action...I now have a few new blogs to discover...

  3. So jealous! Damn these states that sit between us...

  4. Awwwww look at all you pretty ladies!

  5. Now I have another reason to move to Melbourne. My daughter lives there, but access to inspiration...priceless!


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