Friday, February 10, 2012

As good as new

I've got my machine back, hurrah! I traded shifts at work yesterday so I could get to the shop before it closed and pickup my machine. And this evening I've tried it out, and I'm pleased to report that it seems as good as new. As well a service to clean it out and fix the timing, it apparently needed a new bobbin holder unit.

I didn't want to launch straight in with anything too difficult on the machine (like FMQ), so I have cut out and started stitching what I'm hoping will be a "wearable" muslin of a Jasmine blouse. I'm using some black and white gingham that I traded with my friend Laura, and plan to have a plain black collar. I had traced off the pattern for version 2 the other week (a size 8 above the waist, tapering to a 10 at the hips) so I just needed to cut out the pieces.

So far I have the front and back pieces stitched together, and a quick try on tells me that the size seems to be about right; it seems to be the right size across the bust and hips. It's a bit hard to check the fit without the collar and sleeves though.

I'm glad to have my machine back, that's for sure! Expect more progress soon.


  1. Yay for a fully functioning machine! I'm loving the fabric choice for your Jasmine, It's going to look amazing!!!

  2. I have this pattern sitting on my sewing table right now, three cut projects are ahead of it in the queue. I'll be watching out for your progress and tips.


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