Thursday, October 6, 2011

What to work on?

When looking at my calendar the other day I realised that it is 4 weeks until the quilting retreat that I’m booked in for (a slightly longer rerun of the one I went on in May because we had so much fun). In addition to making me excited, this also made me stop and realise that I don’t know what I’m going to work on.

After having a big project on the go for so long it’s weird not having anything sitting on the back burner waiting to be worked on. I have a few ideas of things that I’d like to do, but I’m faltering with committing to a particular project.

I have the spotty fabric I bought a while back that I want to have a play with at the retreat; I know exactly what I want to make with that, but I’m not sure that that is sufficient for stuff to work on for the entire super-long weekend, either due to keeping my attention for that time or due to how long the project will take.

Would it be “rude” to do some garment sewing on a quilting retreat? Do you have any suggestions of things I could work on? Ideas for presents for people maybe? Help!

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  1. I don't think it would be rude at all! There won't be any quilt police there lol! Thanks for reminding me I need to start planning projects for the retreat too. Quilty place mats are a good choice for Chrissy presents or bunting or picnic rugs?...


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