Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I need a better storage system for my spools of thread. Currently they're stored in a shoe box that often gets dropped, and frequently needs re-organising.

It was during one such re-organising the other day that I was bemused by the range of colours of thread that I have. Heaps of colours that I don't remember ever sewing with. I have since remembered what most of them were bought for, but still not quite all.

A Rainbow of Threads

And that's just the Gutermann one's I've bought, not the other miscellaneous ones I've acquired.

A cute set of 'vintage' threads that my gran gave me

(PS: I would absolutely love to have a thread rack like this one Tasia has)

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  1. My husband made me a pair of thread racks. I helped him make these and they didn't take too long - if you know someone with basic woodworking tools? By the way, those vintage threads are super cute! Sam xox


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