Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Oh Beehave" - July Block

 Just realised that I had this post written as a draft but hadn't published it yet...

July's block for the MMQG quilting bee was for Frogdancer. She asked for a quilt as you go block following this tutorial:

This block was fun as it was something different. It took quite a long time to quilt the 1/4 lines and my lines were a little more wonky than I would have liked them - sorry about that Frogdancer. In all honesty, most of the fabrics in this block are far from what I would choose, but they come together really well and I'm sure that the final quilt will be gorgeous.

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  1. i am just starting to learn about QAYG! I have asked for QAYG log cabins (slightly different to this though) for my Sew Australia blocks. This one looks great - love those wonderland scissors!


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