Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sudden Accelleration

I have been sewing together some of my hexagon flowers to start creating the quilt top, and have discovered that after what was almost painfully slow progress sewing the flowers, sewing them together goes surprisingly quickly!

Hexagon Quilt Top Half Finished

To that end, I have now got half of the quilt top completed. I decided to go with a regular repeat of the six types of flowers for the layout, with 96 flowers on the final top, which makes the top a similar size to my couch quilt, the size of which has been given the seal of approval by a great number of different users.

Hexagon Quilt Top Half Finished

I have enough flowers sewn together for another quarter of it, and will need to cut out, baste and sew together more hexies for the last quarter. While that thought could potentially dishearten me as to how much I still have to go, I'm absolutely loving it, so the thought excites me - I'm definitely in a "half done" rather than "half to go" mood with this quilt.

Hexagon Quilt Top Half Finished - Papers

I have also discovered that unpicking the basting and removing the papers is very satisfying!

Hexagon Quilt Top Half Finished - Back

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  1. oh wow! this is seriously amazing! i love this quilt pattern--always have--and would love to attempt it someday when i have lots of free time.


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