Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quilt Show Lectures...

I'm officially going to the "festival of quilts" on the 20th and 22nd of August! I've bought tickets for the following three lectures:

Inspirations with... Amy Butler
Spend an hour chatting, laughing and getting inspired with American fabric and interiors designer Amy Butler. Get an inside look at some fun, behind the scenes imagery and stories chronicling Amy's latest creative adventures through her travels and studio life.

Machine Quilting in Sections / Quilting as You Piece (Marti Michell)
You’ll learn the difference, the similarity and how both methods can help you finish your quilts on your home sewing machine! If manoeuvring a big quilt through that little opening in your sewing machine is overwhelming, this lecture has answers! There are always new quilts and tips.

The Batting in Between (Nancy Goldsworthy)
Battings, battings and more battings! They are flat, fluffy, polyester, cotton, and all manner of blends. How can we possibly choose the best one for our current project? Nancy is here to help you separate the urban legends from the facts about today’s battings. Learn what the correct batt can do to enhance all of your quilting projects. From bags to bed quilts, find the best batt for the job. There will be lots of sewn samples so you can compare for yourself. Door prizes too!

I'm VERY excited!!


  1. Thanks for your on the quilting - I had wanted to do something contrasting to the circles - i.e. - geometric - but I really like your idea and may have to use it!

  2. Oh, you lucky thing! Can't wait to hear all about the festival and these great lectures!


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