Monday, May 17, 2010

Jenny, I love you still!

I didn't think it was possible, but I'm even more in love with the Jenny pattern! I made another skirt, this time with a couple of alterations on the last version.

The black version I've made is a little big so I stitched this one up with a 2cm seam allowance on the side seams (rather than 1.5cm) and now the fit is perfect. I also kept the skirt the length from the original pattern, rather than the lengthened version from last time. This has given a more flattering length, but has also meant that the slit in the back is approaching a little indecent so I am planning on stitching the centre back seam down a little more to make it a bit more modest!

I wore it to work today and it was SO comfy (and is also why it's so creased in the photo, although not too bad after 13 hours of wearing, most of which was sitting down). I have concluded that I'm a huge fan of these high waisted skirts. Once you have one on it just doesn't go anywhere (assuming it fits of course). It doesn't ride up, it doesn't fall down, it doesn't even twist that much , it's great!!

The fabric I got was (I think) a double weave cotton from the fabric store, which means it's the really nice textured grey on the outside, but is plain black on the inside. It's pretty neat for the skirt as it's that bit thicker while still having the advantages of being a cotton, but also it kind of gives it the appearance of being lined if the inside of the skirt is visible at any point.

So in summary, a great success even more so than the first one... I just need to kick the desire to make fifty more of these, as I don't need a wardrobe full of (almost) the same skirt... although I think I'd like to do one more in an interesting colour and with something added for some interest, be it on the waistband or the skirt. For example, I really like Gertie's "Emma" version of the Jenny.

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  1. That's pretty Rachel - I have a Kasia on its way - loving it so far!


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