Friday, April 2, 2010

Trouser Muslin (at last)

My trouser muslin has been finished for over a week now, but to start with I didn't have anyone to take photos for me, and then after I got some photos at sewing club last week I've been ridiculously busy so haven't had the chance to post them until now. Without any more wait, here's my muslin:




Not the most flattering when made up in calico, but I'm still pretty proud of my first try! I'm sure that there are heaps more alterations I could do to make the fit better, but this will do for now and I'll investigate them for a second pair.

After scouring the shelves at tessuti in a very picky fashion I just couldn't find the right shade of grey... so I looked in the fabric store and clegs and finally spotlight where I found some. Here's my fabric, it's a gorgeous mid grey and this close-up photo shows the slight pattern it has:

Oh, and Melbourne people, don't forget that it's the Clegs Easter sale this weekend (Sat, Mon & Tues), where it's 20% off everything and most of all $5 patterns!


  1. They look great for a muslin! That fabric is really nice too - wil you have them finished for the next meet?

  2. I won't be at the next meet, I'll be in Perth instead. It'll be sad to miss you guys, but I'm excited to be going to the Perth BSC instead.


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