Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nothing to show...

Nothing to show, but plenty done this weekend. Sadly my "tidying" means I can't find my camera to take photos right now, but trust me, I've been super productive!

Friday night me and my friend Hollie made our way to Abbotsford Convent to go see the resulting quilt from the quilt project. It really was amazing. You should go and check out the pictures on the website, as the panels contributed to form the quilt really are spectacular! All completely different yet all beautiful in their own way. Kirsty really did a spectacular job organising the thing, so mucho kudos to her!

Hollie and myself attempted to pick favourite squares from the quilt, but basically ended up listing all of them as they were each our favourite in different ways, so also a huge well done to everyone that contributed a square.

And now I've finished waffling on here, head on over to the quilt project website, read about what it is and look at the gorgeous photos!!

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  1. I peeked at The Quilt Project, but will head over for a better look! It looks marvelous. Thanks for sharing that link.



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