Friday, September 4, 2009

Quilt musings...

Since finishing my quilt I've known that while I don't hate it, I definitely don't love it. I love how it's been keeping me warm, but I don't love it, and for a quilt that's going to live on my bed (when it's cold enough to need one) I want to love it.

Thus, I am definitely going to make another one, and for this one I intend on specifically buying the fabrics for it rather than mushing together what I can from what I have lying around.

To this end I've been pondering colour schemes... no idea, fabric styles... not really any idea, and designs... no idea until this evening when I came across this site. Now a genome quilt... that's right up my alley! I could even make it more personal by using the sequence of beta3 integrin, the gene around which my research focuses.

I've even made a sort of mock-up of what the gene would look like as a pattern, but with colours instead of angled triangles:

Ambitious? For me, yes, more-so if I use the whole sequence of 4894 bases rather than a segment of it. Awesome in a super-geeky kind of way? Hell yeah!

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  1. 4894 bases!
    That's a lot of bases for a quilt. You'd have to stitch a ton of seams. Thanks for showing me your idea though. I hope you have some time on your hands.


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