Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A combination of being lazy to get my sewing machine out this past weekend and too cold to want to venture out of my warm and cosy bedroom unnecessarily, so (once again) inspired by Aneela's pictures, and the fact that I had a little pile of cut out hexagons in my sewing box (from who knows when!) I thought I'd give paper pieced hexagons a go.

Normally I HATE hand sewing. It bores me and I get frustrated over how long everything takes me to do. However, making the hex's was surprisingly relaxing, and I had quite quickly assembled a very respectable pile.

However, I then realised that maybe the sewing together of the hexagons might be less fun than the making of the hexagons, so I tried sewing a few together... and finding that just as enjoyable I added a couple more... and then a couple more, until I now have this many sewn together:

I got to this point and thought "what the hell am I going to do with these (any any subsequent) hexagons???" (well I'd thought it before this point but I had been pushing it to the back of my mind). This is a thought I'm still having, so I'd be super grateful for any suggestions...

I've started one thing, I've picked some of the green and blue ones and stitched them together and "quilted" them onto a piece of fabric (nothing between the two layers) and am planning on having them as one side of a coin purse (with dark green on the back):

But I haven't a clue what to do with the rest of them... everything I think of is either too ambitious for a hand sewing project (eg a quilt), or has a very high chance of becoming a "oh dear god, what were you thinking?" item, which I would like to avoid!

So, yeah, any suggestions?

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  1. Some people do hexagon pincushions. I have seen several really good tutorials on the web.


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