Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spotlight Horrors and Quilt Musings.

So, in the spirit of having a quiet weekend not end up being so, I jumped on the tram in my brand spanking new coat (bought today in the sale, woohoo!) and went to Spotlight.

Visiting spotlight is somewhat of a mixed emotion type trip for me. Sometimes I love it and find everything I'm looking for exactly as I imagined it. Many of my favourite items have been made from spotlight fabrics, my butterfly and patchwork skirts being prime examples. However other times it's just hell trying to find what you want. There doesn't seem to be any real organisation behind where they have the different fabrics in the aisles (if anyone has managed to decipher any kind of system please share it with me!).

I toddled in with my shopping list, which consisted of:
- Wadding for my quilt
- Backing for my quilt (ideally flannelette as it worked out really well with that last time, but colour to be decided)
- Flannelette for some pyjamas
- Fabric to make another shirt
- Red drill for a pair of oven mits I'm intending on making for a friend but had forgotten to buy fabric to line it with
- Green thread to make the top I cut out last weekend
Wadding was easy, as was flannelette for the PJs (I quickly settled on some white with a blue and red check pattern), but the shirt and backing fabric had me stumped. Since I was last there they seem to no longer stock a decent range of plain flannelettes; they only had a few plain ones and they were all in really pale pastel colours, not what I was after at all. They didn't even have the navy I got last time. I spent a while wandering around considering alternative fabrics for backing, and spent a while looking at some of them but none of the colours really jumped out at me, so I decided to leave it for today. I completely gave up with regard to shirt fabric and am hoping that Tessuti have something when I am there for sewing club on Thursday.

Upon getting home and discussing backing fabrics with my housemate, I decided to ring my parents and ask them if they could possibly see if their local spotlight have any of the navy flannelette left. As my mum is flying over here in Tuesday anyway (en route to NZ) she could bring it with her. So please cross your fingers for me that their spotlight has it so I can work ferociously on my quilt and finish it and be warm!

Now, I have a few hours before I'm due to go out for dinner, so I think some time in front of the sewing machine is in order... I was hoping to have decided whether to sew my quilt or my top by the time I'd finished writing this, but I'm yet to decide... maybe a bit on each.

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  1. I've got my fingers crossed for you! So frustrating, all but ready to finish your quilt and being held up by flannelette!!


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