Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It begins...

So, I've decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon and start one of my own to document my crafty progress. To start the ball rolling I've picked some pictures of past and current projects.

Above from left to right:
1- In progress picture of the skirt I made my friend Jacinta for her 21st birthday. A great present as she loves the skirt and also has the memories of us making it together.
2- Not a project, but many of the others wouldn't be there without it. My sewing machine, a 'well done on getting a scholarship' present to myself last year
3- My 'logo' in the neckband of the shirt I made New Years Day 09, I have started sewing this R onto everything I make.
4- The flower on the front of a shirt I haven't finished yet, inspired by a dress I saw in the window of a shop on Brunswick Street.
Below from left to right:
5- My copycat patchwork skirt that I made based on one my mum bought. Hers cost almost $200 and mine cost about $25 and I love it and live in it in summer!!
6- My 'couch quilt'. The first quilt I've actually finished. Designed to live on the back of our couch to keep us warm in winter, but in reality currently lives on my bed keeping me warm at night.
7- My bear's new nightshirt. I was fed up of him having a t-shirt that said 'I love you' across the front but he looked naked without anything, and when I saw this fabric in my stash I knew I had to make him an old fashioned nightshirt!
8- Laying out the fabric for my next quilt - a double bed sized one so the couch quilt can go back on the couch. Slightly more ambitious than the couch quilt and still in progress.


  1. Pshaw - you still haven't finished that fun flower shirt yet? It looks so fun!

    All your projects look so pretty! <3

  2. Rachel, your blog is a great idea! Hope to see you next week a the meet.


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